Beaus and Blooms

I dreamed of a man that would bring me flowers.  Once, I dated him. We were together for two weeks and I got three fresh bouquets. But I couldn’t talk to him about teaching, and I wasn’t really myself around him.  Like the bouquets, we didn’t have what it took to last.

My husband doesn’t do fresh cut bouquets. For my wedding bouquet, he took me to craft store.  I picked out the supplies to create a silk bouquet. Once I had collected the sufficient number and variety of fake flowers, I was ready to check out.  However, he wanted a special surprise. He grabbed a collection of silk butterflies. My fiance knew how much I loved butterflies, and he wanted something unique.

At one point, I think my husband really tried.  He saw a collection for 99 cents while he was picking up a couple other items, so one came home.  It was the most beautiful ugly bouquet that I’d ever seen. Accordingly, I’m sure my reaction was the most disappointed delighted reaction a wife could muster.

For Valentine’s Day one year, my husband brought home a potted orchid.  He had watched me nurture a kumquat tree in a pot, and he wanted to bring me flowers.  He wanted to bring something that would last though. So he brought something that could last.

You know what?  I love my silk bouquet.  I keep it out on display, confident that will never wither and die.  I know that I wasn’t just a one-time display to him when we got married.  He wants me with him for the long haul.

You know what else? I don’t miss getting cheap ugly bouquets.  Sometimes, our marriage isn’t perfect. For a time, I wondered if I should hold onto those flowers even though I didn’t like looking at them.  But I feel better letting them go, and thinking of them in a humorous light just like a past mistake.

You know the best part?  That orchid can last if I give it daily care and attention, just like our relationship.  If I put the orchid in a corner and forget water, it can survive for a time. Eventually, though, it will shrivel from neglect.  Since I hold our relationship dear, I make sure that it is a priority in my life. Like the orchid, my marriage will bloom and be something beautiful to behold.  Other times, it will need to recover and the pot will be a refuge from life as it prepares to bloom again. My relationship is a refuge from the storms of life. In fact, without some of the stresses like cooling temperatures at night, the orchid will sit contentedly without blooming indefinitely.  It is the adversity to the plant that signals it is time to bloom again. Marriages bloom their best after enduring some hardship. So let the storms of life come. I will keep watering the roots and enjoy the beauty after the struggle.

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