Why Haven?

This blog was originally the blog for my small business, Reading Noodle. However, after much thought, I wanted to create a blog that offered more than just a place to learn about my business. I wanted to create a sisterhood of women and mothers where we could share ideas, tips, and stories. Reading Noodle is still very much a part of this blog, and will continue to be a place to learn, it’s just been expanded a bit. This blog is my personal little slice of haven, where I can share from my experiences as a teacher and hopefully help your young children learn to read. It is now also a place where I can support women to come forward and share their deepest thoughts.

I have always loved to write. It typically comes naturally, flowing quickly from my fingertips. I used to carry a notebook around with me wherever I went and would pour out my heart and soul through stories and poems with the help of colorful ink pens. I quickly realized what a safe space writing was for me, a haven if you will. It was an outlet, a safety net, and a shelter from the storms of life.

So don’t roll your eyes and think, “Wow she can’t even spell the title of her blog correctly.” Give me a chance to explain why I chose the word “haven” instead of “heaven”. The word haven means a place of safety or refuge. When I began taking interest in really developing a blog I thought long and hard about what I wanted to gain from my blog. At first I thought: I have my own business and definitely want to use my blog to promote for educational purposes.

However, I also just wanted to write. I wanted to have a safe space to write about my thoughts and feelings as a wife and a mother. I wanted to have a space where I could be open and honest about the ins and outs of my life. Ultimately I wanted a space to write freely and to encourage others to comment and express themselves freely. I wanted to create a safe haven for myself and others to gravitate towards.

I hope you feel safe in my little slice of haven.